GitKraken is a cross platform Git GUI for Windows, Mac and Linux. And it's damn awesome! I have been using this amazing piece of software since 2014 and have seen their great community grow and flourish on Slack. (Look for me there as Nexxuz.) Ever since they started up their Ambassador Program I have been a part of it as well. If you would like to try it out please feel free to use my link to sign up for a free account!

The Command Line

$ gitkraken --help

 -d, --diagnostic-level, --log-level   Override in-app logging level. The available values are STANDARD, EXTENDED, and SILLY
 -e, --encoded-uri                     Encoded URI (scheme) handler; takes a gitkraken:// URI that has been URI-encoded. Overrides -p and -u.
 -h, --help                            Print this usage message.
 -l, --log-file                        Log all output to file.
 -n, --nexxuz                          Nothing to see here...
 -p, --path                            Open the repository specified by path            
 -u, --uri                             URI (scheme) handler; takes a gitkraken:// URI. Overrides -p. GitKraken URIs start with a directive, such as "repo". Example: gitkraken://repo/home/me/proj
 -v, --version                         Print the version.
 -z, --performance                     Run performance timings

Hidden CLI options