Raspberry Pi B+

I'm getting a little sick and tired of looking around the internet only to find broken links to .img files that haven't been updated in 3 years so… I will be adding a few here.


Car Dashboard/Media Center/Navigation/Blind Spot Notification/Backup Camera

I gotta come up with a better name for this project. I plan on having a few things running on my Pi in the car connected to a touch LCD screen.

  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • SainSmart 3.2” TFT LCD Screen
  • Rii Keyboard/Mouse
  • Parallax GPS Module
  • Wide Angle PIR Sensor
  • ODBII Reader
  • Micro WiFi adapter
  • Micro USB Car Charger

You might think that this would be the easy but you would be wrong. This was a huge pain. I will try my best to link to all of the sources that I can find.

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