GitKraken Q&A

Q: I recently became member of another Github organization, but it doesn't show up in my repo list when I want to clone a repo. What should I do?

A: You need to update your OAuth to include the new organization. If you go to, find and click on “GitKraken”, you should see the new org with a red X next to it, and a button that says something like “Authorize”. Click that button and you should be good to go.

Q: It seems that GitKraken client limits the the amount of history that is visible. I am not able to view the entire history of my git repo. I can only view half the history. Is this a known limitation?

A: GitKraken currently displays the most recent 2000 commits but we are looking into ways to load more commits for a given repository. If you need access to older commits, you can try the solo/hide feature:

Q: How do I allow long file names in GitKraken?

A: GitKraken uses the libgit2 library for Git operations, which doesn't support long paths yet. Sorry about that! Here's the relevant PR:

Q: Is there a way to silence certain warnings / errors / messages that pop up on the top right?

A: Currently this is not possible but there is a feature request to add it.



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