GitKraken is a cross platform Git GUI for Windows, Mac and Linux. And it's damn awesome!

Command-line output

  $ /usr/bin/gitkraken --help
  Node started time: 1485445405620
    -h, --help             Print this usage message.                                                          
    -l, --log-file         Log all output to file.                                                            
    -p, --path             Open the repository specified by path                                              
    -r, --resource-path    Set the path to the App source directory and enable dev-mode.                      
    -s, --spec-directory   Set the directory from which to run package specs (default: Atom's spec directory).
    -t, --test             Run the specified specs and exit with error code on failures.                      
    -c, --coverage         Run test code coverage for specs, used in conjunction with -t                      
    -v, --version          Print the version.                                                                 
    -b, --show-background  Show the background window.


Creating a CLI launcher in .bashrc (needs Git Bash installed):

  alias gk="~/AppData/Local/gitkraken/update.exe --processStart 'gitkraken.exe' --process-start-args \"-p . \""


Creating a CLI launcher in .bash_profile

  alias gk='/Applications/ -p . > /dev/null 2>&1'


Creating a CLI launcher in .bashrc

  alias gk='/usr/bin/gitkraken -p . > /dev/null 2>&1'
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